One of the most arduous jobs of moving home, the job everyone dreads doing, is the infamous packing!

Going through all the cupboards, sheds, garages and nooks and cranny’s to pack everything away can be time consuming and is often left as the last minute job, one because you still want access to everything till you’re as close to the removal date as possible, but also because it is such a pain staking job, and a job you have to give careful planning and thought to, to ensure you can put you hands on everything easily when it comes to unpacking in your new home.

We’ve come up with some helpful hints and tips to make your packing process easier. Especially for when it comes to unpacking!

Get the Pros involved.

If you want the ultimate home removal service, and free up your time to handle all the other aspects involved in moving home, why not let our team handle packing all your belongings. We’ll provide suitable boxing and protective wrapping, and even handle the dismantling of larger furniture items!

Ensure you have strong boxes

If you’ve decided “I’ve got this!” then the first thing you want to invest in is some good, strong boxes. Ensure you have an assortment of box sizes to accommodate larger items as well as the smaller yet heavy items. When it comes to packing do not overload your boxes (that’s why we recommend you have plenty of boxes) as the last thing you want is a box to break on pickup!

Don’t scrimp on wrapping

Protective wrapping can be one thing that stops all your fragile items ending up in pieces. Bubble wrap and protective paper will go a long way. We recommend using these with your cups, plates and any china you may own, plus delicate ornaments.

declutter as you go

Be ruthless! As you are packing everything away from each room, now is the time to decide what you really want to keep, and what is best the for bin. Have a blag bag (or two) on the go in each room and throw away any unwanted items. This will save you packing time and time unpacking on the other side.

Labelling is your friend.

The one thing that will go a long way to making life a little easier when unpacking in your new home is labelling the boxes. Not only label which room the box is for, but consider categorising them too, such as “Kitchen: Pots & Pans” This will be a god send when you come to unpacking as it will allow you to unload the boxes in to the correct rooms, but also allow you to plan your unpacking, and place boxes in the right places within the room. Anything that can make the unpacking process easier, is a winner!

Arrange of loading plan

Once you’ve packed all your goods and labelled accordingly, talk to us about what you want to have quick access to when unloading and we will cater for that when it comes to loading the removal van. Of course, when it comes to loading, there is an art to it to ensure we make the most of the space, but we’re sure we can accommodate. You can even make a pile of boxes that you intend to take in your own vehicle!

So if you’re thinking of moving home and you live within the Worcester Region, why not give us a call and see how we can help.