Tip 1: Book MGB Removals as early as possible

It may sound a bit big headed, but we’re a busy bunch, so the sooner you can book your home removals in with us (even if the date is not set in stone) the better. This way you won’t have the hassle of last minute bookings and trying to find a company that can squeeze you in, plus we can give you some great advice from the beginning to help your home move be an easy transition.

Tip 2: Write a list…then write it again!

There can be so much to try and remember when moving home/house that you can start to feel over whelmed and easily begin to forget things. The best way to stay on top of your home move and not let things get to you is to write down everything you need to do, from arranging cover for pets and kids on the day of the move, to listing all the companies you will need to inform of your new address.

Tip 3: Time for a Declutter

Moving home can be a great way to kick you into declutter mode. We all have unwanted clutter we always mean to get rid of, so now is the perfect time. Open those cupboards, garages and shed and be ruthless. You don’t want to end up packing it up to store at your new house.

Tip 4: Packing

Planning on packing yourself? If so, you want to ensure you have got a good amount of cardboard boxes and bubble wrap for the more fragile items. Label up all your boxes in advance to make it easier when you’re unpacking. If you’re finding the whole packing part a bit daunting, then speak to us as we can help take the strain away and handle the packing for you! We can even look into dismantling larger furniture items such as beds!

Tip 5: Leave the place clean

You want to ensure you leave your old home clean and clutter free, so once everything is out, do a sweep through and make sure you have not forgotten anything and not left any rubbish lying around. Last thing you want is a call from your estate agenst or solicitors.

Tip 6: Be moving day ready

Make sure you have everything you need to hand on the day of the move. It can be a full and busy day so it may be worthwhile having a packed lunch and drinks ready…and make sure you can easily get to your kettle and tea bags (for when you’re in the new home)